Do You Know Who You Are?

Do You Know Who You Are?

Everywhere I go, whether while shopping in the mall, in the restaurant while I am dining or when I am driving my car, I see people and I wonder about them. I wonder what is in their mind. I wonder about their innermost thinking.

Sometimes I see happy faces, sometimes I see sad faces, sometimes I see angry faces, sometimes I see faces I can’t describe their expression – yes, there are people who don’t have facial expressions – they exist as if they are numb to feelings – and when I see all these people caught up in time in their own world, I wonder.

I wonder if they know who they are. I wonder if they know that they are not what they believe they are. I wonder if they know they are not the body and the name given to them. I wonder if they and you know that all of us are souls. Do you know this?

I wonder, out of 6.8 billion people in this world, how many are aware that they are soul. I wonder how many actually remembers this. I wonder how many have actually had any kind of experience at all about who they are – soul. Have you ever thought of all these?

Of course, there are people who have had self realization. There are people who are living constantly in soul consciousness. They are aware of who they are and they are holding this consciousness twenty four hours a day. There are also some who have had a glimpse of who their true identity.

Yet, there are only a handful of them in this world. Think about it. When you go out there and see all these people everywhere, what are the chances that one of them have had any kind of real spiritual experience, or some sort of soul experience? I wonder about this.

We have been told time and again that we are soul but I wonder how many of us have truly taken the initiative to discover the truth in that statement. There are the skeptics and there are the believers but whatever your beliefs are, what harm can it bring to find out the true nature of your self?

The skeptic rejects the idea without research and the believers takes for granted believing these miracles about self realization are the things of the past, that there are no longer true ways to achieve it. They believe in a savior to come and redeem them and liberate them to heaven.

The truth is, there have never been a time that we did not have the way to know and have the experience of soul realization. The ways have been either conferred orally or written down by so many great souls who have had such experiences since the beginning of time, but why are so many among us did not find the ways?

I know the reason. When I see people, I see people with ability. I see people have the ability to seek and find out any kind of knowledge at any time. This is because they have the free will to do it. When one is not gaining any kind of spiritual experiences, it is because he or she is not using her free will to gain such experiences.

What do I mean? Think about this. You have a choice now to find out the way, the choice to do the research, but are you using it for that purpose? The reason people are not able to have self realization because they are using their choices doing things not related to gaining such experiences.

We all have the choice, but how many among us are exercising the choice for this reason? That’s the question one should answer. If you don’t use your choice to discover yourself, you won’t discover yourself.

Of course, when I say this I hear people saying, ‘it’s not as easy as you think’, while that statement is true, the beginning of self realization starts in making the choice to have that experience. There are literally thousands of books out there in the market which can act as a guideline. Have you ever bought one?

You see – if you take the initiative, to truly discover yourself, I mean with all sincerity, the heaven is watching – there are great spiritual beings out there in this universe waiting to impart the knowledge and wisdom of soul to those who sincerely want it.

Why do you think, they say, ‘when you are ready, the master will appear’? There is a reason for this. Are you ready to take the step boldly to discover your own true identity? Do something about it, and suddenly you will find that, as though a miracle hand is guiding you, one after another experiences in life, eventually you will find the true method of self realization.

I can say one thing from my experience, there are true spiritual beings still living in this world ever ready to lead all of us home, if we could open our ears to listen.

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