Difficulties In Life

Difficulties In Life

Is there anything wrong with the way things are right now in your life? Let’s say you are having financial difficulties, perhaps you will feel that there is definitely a problem in your life because you are not in the situation you want to be. That perception will continue to exist as long as you see or perceive you condition to be wrong.

Consider this. You woke up this morning and saw the sky was clear and you decided to drive out for a picnic. Just when you arrive at the location it started to rain. You probably cursed the rain for ruining your wonderful day, but someone, perhaps a farmer living nearby may have been wishing for it to rain on that day. What happened could have been wrong for you but it was right for someone else.

If we could understand that there is a reason for everything that is happening in our life, we could feel positive and handle our circumstances better. Whatever you perceive to be wrong, in reality is something positive. This is true because although we are living in a negative world, the negative itself cannot exist without something positive in it.

If we look around, we will always find that there are two sides to everything. A coin for example has two sides to it. Likewise, a mountain cannot exist without a valley. A higher ground cannot exist without a lower ground. A day cannot come without a night and vice versa. So anything we see as wrong does have a positive side to it. We just need to increase our ability to see the positive in the negative, or in other word, we need to see the right in the wrong.

There is always a good side to something. The gravity for example, is good to keep something where it suppose to be and as such it is right or good, but if you are falling down from a high rise building, the gravity will certainly appear as something not good. It depends where you stand in the great scheme of life.

There are things we can change in life and there are things we cannot change. For example, we cannot change the wind to become fire, but we can certainly change the direction of the wind. Similarly, we cannot change the fire to become wind but we can determine how strong we want to fire to be by adding the relevant fuels to the fire.

This means, there will always be usefulness and non-usefulness to anything we face in life. There will always be something good and bad or right and wrong in this world. This is a dualistic world but we always have a choice or free will to look at what’s happening as something positive and chooses what we want to experience in life positively wherever we can if we know the ways.

So is there anything wrong with this life? Yes, as long as you see it that way and not if you can see the goodness that comes along with the negativity. Ultimately there is nothing right or wrong in this world. All things are mere experiences. What we need to remember is that we exist and the preservation of our identity and the continuation our survival is what matters most for if we don’t exist, all this questions are not relevant. Thus, researching and working towards our own survival in this world and the world hereafter should become the number one life quest.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. – Soren Kierkegaard

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