Dealing With Your Situation

Dealing With Your Situation

Whatever situation you are going through now, your situation is your situation. That’s how it is. You have to face it. No one can change your situation except yourself. If you are going through happy situation, great, if not you have to think for yourself how you are going to make it different.

What are you going to do? If doing something means making a change, you need to be aware that there are things you can change and there are things you cannot change. The thing you cannot change involves others and the things you can change involves yourself.

You cannot change others, but you can change yourself. You can make every situation you encounter in life as something good by adopting a positive attitude. One positive attitude is the learning attitude. Yes, you can choose to view your situation as a learning opportunity. Each situation we face in life can teach us something.

Thus, dealing with your situation means asking yourself, ‘How can I learn from this situation?’ ‘What is it I am to learn out of this situation?’ ‘How can this situation help me serve life better?’ Once you learn your lesson, you will be a better individual. You will be better in making not just your life easier, but also make other people’s life easier. Isn’t that great?

If you believe you are in a very bad situation and it is unlikely there is something to learn from it, try helping those in worst situation than you. Go and visit the homeless child center or volunteer in a local hospital. Look at those who are worst condition than you. This should put things in perspective.

Know this, you cannot change everything in life but you can choose how you want to experience them, negatively or positively? It is your choice. Remember, there is always a way to come out of any situation. There is always an answer to a question. Likewise, there is always a solution to a problem. We just have to become aware of the answer or the solution.

Some will tell you to expand your mind broad enough to find the answer. The problem with mind is it is limited. We cannot find perfect answer in the mind. We need to tap into the power of soul. Only soul has the capacity to solve all problems. Find a way to view your situation from the eye of the soul; you will know what to do.

Whatever the case be, your situation is your situation. It is yours. You have to do something about it. How are you going to be dealing with your situation?

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