Dealing With Loneliness

Dealing With Loneliness

I have been alone for the most part of my life. I still can remember those pangs of loneliness I went through. I still can remember those days of weeping tears of sorrow. I can say I have experienced loneliness to its extreme. There have been days that I have even wished that I am not alive.

Life persisted though and I have learned that in reality, none of us are ever alone. We are living with something dynamic of which its greatness cannot be phrased. I know from my experience of being lonely for almost 15 years before I recognize the truth that I am never alone, no words can ever liberate the lonely hearts.

Words, although they have power, they will not be powerful until we give them some deep thoughts. They will not have any impact on us until we give them some meaning. If we want to get rid of loneliness it is important to listen and contemplate on what is being said. So listen carefully now.

Loneliness experienced in its most extreme level is soul’s desire to return home to God. When soul begins to awaken to its true purpose in this life, soul will begin to give less and less importance to the things of this world. Not in the sense of denying its responsibility but rather, soul finds no true value in the things of this world.

If you have experienced loneliness despite having a wonderful spouse, despite having wonderful children, despite having great friend – know that it is because you are missing the true values in life – of which only soul knows what it is. It is God soul is seeking now.

Until you fulfill your inner thirst for God, you will always feel lonely no matter what greatness you have in life. Soul can never rest in peace until it fulfills its true desire. I am speaking from my own experience of course. All these may not mean anything to you.

Ordinarily for people, loneliness exists because of the isolation they feel in them. The isolation can come as a result of loss of someone or something they are dearly attached with. When the thing is taken away they experience loneliness. It’s usually because of this separation.

I have realized through experience that loneliness although ordinarily treated as something not good but when fully experienced will be prove to be a useful experience. Loneliness has the power to refine an individual to become better.

When we are lonely we will find ourselves thinking about our own self and life which will in the end lead us to find what is love all about. Loneliness teaches love. Loneliness teaches us to find balance within ourselves and return to life.

When we realize the value and purpose of loneliness in our life we will be better able to relate to life. After that, loneliness will no longer affect us although it does come around occasionally to say hello. We will become tolerable to it but if anyone wants to realize its true value, loneliness must persist enough in his life.

If you are experiencing loneliness, it is because one, the soul is trying to get you to understand something about your true purpose in life, and second you experience loneliness when you are not clear about your directions in life. When your attention is placed on achieving your goals completely there will be no room for other feelings in your attention span.

Where is your attention? What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on your feeling of loneliness or on your goals in life? You will experience more of the thing where your attention is. It isn’t hard to get rid of loneliness at all. I’ll use the analogy of growing a plant to get this clear.

Let’s say you are growing a plant. You water it everyday and place it under the proper weather condition and soon you realize it has grown up. Now you are watering it everyday, it is growing and becoming healthier day after day.

What will happen if you stop watering the plant? It will die of course. It will die because it didn’t receive the proper water it must to get. Similarly if you stop putting your attention on your loneliness, it has to wither away by its own. This is how we dissolve loneliness. Just let it be and focus and put your attention on something else. Well, that’s what I learned.

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  1. hi yes..i read the info above..its really a very good explanation…actually i am facing a terrible loneliness in my life…even i have everyone in my life…felt like losing something or maybe missing something in my life,
    but the explanation gives me a new idea on how to cope in my life

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