Dealing With Grief?

Dealing With Grief?

The pain we go through losing a loved one is indeed very real and painful. Everyone experiences such a pain in life at least once.

It is common and normal to miss someone who have been such a part of ourself.

How do we overcome grief? We can begin by recognizing that we are responsible to the feeling we are experiencing and we have the choice to change it.

Dealing with separation requires us to understand that nothing is really lost. When someone leaves us, there is a reason for it. Usually as soon as someone leaves us, God already has something to replace. The interval until the replacement arrives will be the hardest. These periods will be filled with tremendous loneliness where our heart cries for understanding.

There are few things you can do to overcome this. You can use your free times volunteering perhaps at the old folks home. Spending time giving ourself like this will allow us to see the hunger of love in the eyes of the less fortunate than us. This will make us to appreciate that although we have lost the love of our life, we are more fortunate to be alive and gifted with other aspects of life.

Time will heal all wounds but for now, lifting yourself out of it is important. Go out there and do something or give something to life in a way possible to you. It will take your attention from focusing in your inner thoughts and feelings and place it on the needs of others.

I agree, sometimes words will not be comforting enough. If you feel like crying, let your tears fall, because they are the tears of love. Yes, no one understands the feeling you might be going through, but always remember, no matter who leaves us, there is one thing will never leave us. Yes, it is God’s love for you. God always loves all souls regardless of color, caste, creed or status of life.

Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom. – Rumi

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