Dealing With Breakups

Dealing With Breakups

Dealing with breakup is anything but easy. I know this for a fact from my own personal life experiences. Crying through sleepless nights experiencing intense loneliness, I know there are many who just wish they are not alive. Yes, breaking up can cause such a great emotional turmoil, especially if we are deeply attached with the one we love. Painful indeed, but is there any help? The answer is yes. How do we deal with breakups?

On the surface, dealing with breakup may look difficult but if we can learn the ways, we can manage and overcome breakups easily. We begin by accepting the number one most important fact of life and that is, there is always a solution for every human problem one can imagine. Just because we do not know the answer, it doesn’t mean the answer doesn’t exist. If we don’t know the answer, it only means we are not aware of it. So stop believing that you cannot solve your problems.

In order to deal with breakups wisely, it is important to identify the root cause of the breakups. It will help us to understand and deal with breakups in a more positive way. Why did your relationship ended? What or who caused it? Often, we tend to point our finger towards our partner. Yet, if we sit down for awhile and think about it, we will realize that all problems we face in life, including heartaches such as in breakups, are caused by us. I say this because; we attract our life circumstances through the choices and actions we take. Think for awhile what you did in the past that have caused you to breakup.

Once you realize that you have put yourself in the situation you are in now, you will stop blaming anyone for your problems. Yet, just because you realize it was your fault, you should not blame yourself too. The point of looking at ourselves as the cause of our life experiences is to allow us to understand we are decision making beings. Sometimes we make wrong choices. We should not hate ourselves for it; instead we learn from past mistakes and move on. You need to realize that now you have the same ability to make a choice as you had before.

What are you going to do with that choice? What will be the best solution? Do you intend to change someone to follow your ways because you have a choice, or do you want to change yourself knowing true love is a matter of willingness and cannot be forced? Are you going to keep crying? Cry if you will, but do not cry for too long for ultimately crying cannot do you any good. It cannot change the reality. It will only drain your energy and make you weak. Save your energy for something better. This is the time you should really take care of your health. Eat well and sleep well. Resting clears the mind from worries and shows what needs to be done.

Whatever decision you make, think on the consequences. Think on how it will affect your goals in life and your future. Think on how it will affect the life around you. If you feel like dying, does it worth it? You have a responsibility towards yourself and others who are counting on you. Remember, people can only give you advice, but you are the one who is going through this break up. You need to be very clear of what you want. You need to identify what really matters in life and work towards achieving it. You can be the best you can be. You can live a purpose driven life. You have the power to make that choice now. Happiness is a choice. Your life experience follows the choices you make in life. So make that positive change now and live your life to the fullest.

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