Daily Problems In Life

Daily Problems In Life

Down here in this physical universe, wherever we go or whatever we do, we are sure to find a wall somewhere, limiting us from doing what we want to do, but well, that’s how it in this world. Do you agree?

What are these walls and why do they exist? Let’s say we are doing something now, and everything is going smoothly and suddenly there is a problem blocking us from achieving the goal of what we were doing in life. This is the block or the wall. Sometime we create them by our own; sometimes they are created by others for us.

These blocks or problems can come in any form, sometimes in the form of problems at work, sometimes as problems in relationship or sometimes as health problems. If our perception about them is correct, we will realize they come to teach us something important and take us to the next level in our spiritual growth.

Have you heard the phrase, ‘god, waits for us in our problems’ before? What the phrase means is that God uses problems to teach us something and if the problems in life can teach us something and makes us someone better, isn’t that a blessing? That’s why it is also said that problems are actually blessings in disguise.

They will exist as long as we haven’t learned to have correct point of views and that’s why they are there, to teach us to have correct point of views. There are really two ways of seeing things, one, from the eyes of human consciousness and second from the eye of the soul. All life experiences are teaching us to seeing things from the eye of the soul. Well, believe it or not, we are surely in the process of regaining that viewpoint again.

If you can even understand a little about this, you can become a very happy person. You can make yourself happy by simply remembering that each problem you face in life holds the key to understanding the mystery of your own true identity. Have you ever thought that problems can be a reminder of who we truly are?

Think about this: problems exist because we are not fully functioning as conscious soul in the lower world. Can you see how problems are reminding you to be truly conscious soul now? Many people believe they are conscious, but are they? We are alive of course, but are we truly alive? Are you alive consciously now as a soul? Meaning, are you aware of your true self now? If we are truly alive, we will understand the saying, ‘we are walking on a holy ground’, because we will be aware of the life giving substance at all time.

If we reflect about it correctly, all these problems, blocks or walls we face in life, they are actually making us to be alive again. Maybe, some of us will say, ‘thank God I have problems, otherwise how will I ever learn?’ Yes, we can learn in many other ways, but I thank God for the problems I am having in life. Thank you for the blessings that are teaching me to learn and be better. Yep, there are many ways to look at the same thing.

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