Consider Adoption Instead Of Abortion

Consider Adoption Instead Of Abortion

If you are pregnant but considering for abortion, why not take the alternative route of giving your child for adoption after birth instead of abortion?

There can be many reasons as to why you want to abortion but giving your child for adoption have more positive implications compared to abortion. It is a positive alternative for abortion.

Giving your child for adoption instead of going for abortion means emotional benefit for you such as a guilt free life. Where else, it will be a priceless gift for your child through the adopting family or couple.

It is a gift because you are giving someone who desiring to be a mother but unable to conceive an opportunity to be a mother through your child. You can be happy knowing you have made someone’s life cheerful by giving your child for adoption.

You can also be happy knowing that your child will not only be able to take birth here in this world, but it also means a spiritual opportunity to learn something here for the soul that comes through your child because you made that choice to give the birth.

You can also be happy knowing your child will definitely be in good hands because usually the adopting family will be financially and emotionally stable to take care of your child.

This is very true and in fact, you can participate in ensuring that your child goes to the right family through the practice of open adoption where you can get to know the adopting family before hand.

On top of that, it is also possible to make such arrangements that all legal cost, prenatal care and birth cost are born by the adopting family or the child adoption agency.

So why not go for giving your child to adoption instead of taking the shorter route of abortion? If you are unsure, visit a nearby child adoption agency and ask for advice. If you cannot find one, look into the local phone directory.

Often, the child adoption agencies will give free consultations or counseling. They will also often refer you to those who have gone through similar experiences as yours. You can always talk to them before making your decision.

Although, you may think that you only have abortion as the only way out of whatever your situation is, well, actually you always have a choice to give your child for adoption after birth.

Think about it.

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