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Do You Know Who You Are?

Do You Know Who You Are?

Everywhere I go, whether while shopping in the mall, in the restaurant while I am dining or when I am driving my car, I see people and I wonder about them. I wonder what is in their mind. I wonder about their innermost thinking.

Sometimes I see happy faces, sometimes I see sad faces, sometimes I see angry faces, sometimes I see faces I can’t describe their expression… yes, there are people who don’t have facial expressions… they exist as if they are numb to feelings… and when I see all these people caught up in time in their own world, I wonder.

I wonder if they know who they are. I wonder if they know that they are not what they believe they are. I wonder if they know they are not the body and the name given to them. I wonder if they and you know that all of us are souls. Do you know this?

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