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Dealing With Grief And Loss

Dealing With Grief And Loss

No matter what we have lost in life, we should not get upset about it because when one door closes, another door will always open. That’s one of the law of life. Whenever something is taken away from us, it means something good is on its way to us. We need to have enough of patience to wait and see it. If you feel you have lost everything, take a look at what you still have and compare it with others who don’t have it. Aren’t you lucky? This is another reason for being thankful. Reflect it.

However, the question I want to raise in this article is ‘why did we loss it in the first place?’. Perhaps your answer will because you didn’t take care of it well or because you took it for granted. I look at it this way: we didn’t need it, that’s why we lost it in the first place. Nothing will ever leave us as long as we need it in our life. They will exist as long as we need to learn something out of it. Once we have learned the lesson, those things will leave us and something else will come to teach us something new.

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