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Dealing With Breakups

Dealing With Breakups

Dealing with breakup is anything but easy. I know this for a fact from my own personal life experiences. Crying through sleepless nights experiencing intense loneliness, I know there are many who just wish they are not alive. Yes, breaking up can cause such a great emotional turmoil, especially if we are deeply attached with the one we love. Painful indeed, but is there any help? The answer is yes. How do we deal with breakups?

On the surface, dealing with breakup may look difficult but if we can learn the ways, we can manage and overcome breakups easily. We begin by accepting the number one most important fact of life and that is, there is always a solution for every human problem one can imagine. Just because we do not know the answer, it doesn’t mean the answer doesn’t exist. If we don’t know the answer, it only means we are not aware of it. So stop believing that you cannot solve your problems.

In order to deal with breakups wisely, it is important to identify the root cause of the breakups. It will help us to understand and deal with breakups in a more positive way. Why did your relationship ended? What or who caused it? Often, we tend to point our finger towards our partner. Yet, if we sit down for awhile and think about it, we will realize that all problems we face in life, including heartaches such as in breakups, are caused by us. I say this because; we attract our life circumstances through the choices and actions we take. Think for awhile what you did in the past that have caused you to breakup.

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What To Do When Your Partner Is Cheating You

What To Do When Your Partner Is Cheating You

When I first found out my girlfriend was going out with someone else behind my back, the anger and pain that came with it was too much to handle. I felt cheated and hurt. It took me few months to get over it and it has been almost three months now since we officially break up. Now, I am so much better with improved perspective on life and love. That’s what happens. When things go wrong, there is something for us to learn and when you have learned it, you will come out as someone better.

If you find your partner cheating on you, there is no reason for you to create an argument of fight. Like I said before, there is no such thing as righteous anger. True love doesn’t gets angry. Just let it go and let the other person be happy with her or his choice of life experience. Everyone have the right to choose the kind of life experience they want. We are not responsible for other people’s choices. As a friend or someone close, we can share our point of view on matters, yet, ultimately, every one of us have to make our own choices.

Sometimes we feel our friends or partner made the wrong choices and we want to help. There is nothing wrong with such thoughts. It only means that you care. Yet, what’s right for us may not be right for someone else? Why do others make different choices than ours? It is because they have different ways of looking at life as a whole. Each one of us carry our own viewpoints according to the way we have experienced life before. This perceptions will continue and change accordingly as we gain more and more experiences in life.

In my case, I did not blame her at all. I looked into myself and I knew, things are happening for a good reason. Yes, there is a good reason for everything that is happening around us. Often we go blaming others for the pain and unhappiness we are facing because we couldn’t see the reason. Whatever the reason, blaming one another cannot solve the problem. It will only be like adding fuel to the already raging fire. Instead, ask yourself, what’s there for you to learn through this experience. This question is important because every experience in life is meant to teach us something. If we are perfect, I don’t think we will be down here experiencing life in this way. We probably be in heaven.

Whatever problems or painful situation you are going through now, will not last forever. This is the natural law of this physical universe. Everything changes. Sometimes, we feel happy and sometimes we feel unhappy. Like there is always a night and day changing, life will continue to change constantly. What’s more important is, how do we handle our own state of consciousness within this constant change in life.

Remember, you have the free will to choose the kind of experience you want to experience, think about it awhile and make a positive choice now. Your life is in your hand, not someone else’s hand. You are responsible for your own self. I made the choice to break up with my ex, and I am happier now. You can too if you are in similar situation. All you need is courage. Don’t fear change, but adapt your self to the change knowing it is all part of being down here in this world. Know this, life will improve, it is an inevitable law of life itself.

Men want to think women don’t cheat, and women want men to think they don’t cheat, and therefore the sexes have been playing a little psychological game with each other. – Helen Fisher