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Leisure Is Boring When Your Work Is Fun

Leisure Is Boring When Your Work Is Fun

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that work stinks, and that being able to sit on our butts for the rest of our lives would be heaven. We also seem programmed into believing that the easier the work is, the better. What a joke! Even though we are sometimes burnt out from our daily labors, the reality is that the harder we work, the better we feel. Even if we’re tired at the end of the day – it we’ve worked hard we feel like we’ve accomplished something. It’s human nature to want to work hard, to push ourselves to the limit. Plus you sleep better at night when you’re happily exhausted from what you’re been doing all day.

So why do so many people try to find the easy way out of work? Why do they call in sick when they’re feeling OK? It’s because most people don’t like what they are doing and try to do as little of it as possible. That’s human nature too.

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