Being Clear About Our Goals In Life

Being Clear About Our Goals In Life

I often encourage people to have a clear goal in life. Just why is it so important to have a clear goal? There is an interesting inspirational story about a fox that failed to catch a rabbit which explains well why we need to know our goals clearly.

In the story, the foxes had a meeting to nominate one among them to catch a rabbit for dinner. The nominated fox spotted a rabbit and commenced a chase. The rabbit was very fast. It ran with great ingenuity and speed. Though the fox pursued the rabbit using all of the skills available, the rabbit managed to escape. The foxes, then had a postmortem meeting to analyze the race. They were sure the objectives of the chase could have been achieved if only the nominated fox had been more skillful.

Right at that moment, the nominated fox remarked, ‘before you start dishing out criticism, let me remind you about the rules of the chase. Let’s get one thing clear. While I was running for my dinner, the rabbit was running for its life.’

That clearly shows that for different goals, we use different levels of effort. Do we know what we are running for in our life? Are we clear about our goals and are we ready to make the necessary changes to achieve our goals? How much effort are you willing to put in to achieve your goals? Success is the result of the effort you put in to achieve what you want. When you know what you want clearly and you really want it so much, you will go out all the way to get it.

Reflect about your own goals in life. Are they your goals or are they other people’s goals? If you are putting your attention on other people’s goal or the goals someone expect from you, it is very unlikely that you will put much effort in achieving it. This is because it has no true value for you. Finding your own goals in life and getting clear about it means, knowing what you personally wants to achieve not what someone tells you to achieve.

There are many among us who have become very well positioned like doctors, lawyers or engineers, through the motivation by parents, which is pretty impressive, but the truth is, deep down in themselves it is often suppressive because they have achieved something their parents asked them to achieve. It was not or is not their personal goals. Whenever you are chasing a goal other than yours, you will be unhappy because it is not something your inner self wants. You can always use your current knowledge and skill and change that to achieve the true goals you really want to achieve.

What does being clear of our goals means? It means knowing clearly want we by ourself. If you have this clarity, you will be happy to pursue it. You wont feel as if you are chasing after a shadow. It is never too late to start thinking and clarifying to your own self about what you truly want. Begin now. Start thinking and take the necessary step to change. It is never too old or too late to change.

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