Asking God For Help

Asking God For Help

There are a lot of people out there in the world who still believes in the concept that God will do all the good things for us if only we believe in it. They believe God will take care of everything and they don’t have to do anything. I don’t think there is any guideline like that in any of the world religious or even spiritual scriptures.

Below the surface of things, we find people like this are often passive and introverted. They live in hopes and wishes without ever doing something to achieve their goals. There is nothing wrong with having hopes, but if you cannot be materially self sufficient, than there is something wrong.

We are responsible for our own well being not God or anyone else. Expecting God to come down and give us everything is like asking someone to spoon feed us something. If you are expecting something from God, what about your self responsibility? Nothing comes free in this world.

The bible did said, ‘seek ye the kingdom of heaven first and all shall be added unto thee’, but it didn’t say don’t take care of yourself. The meaning of that statement is ‘put God before all things because it is through God all things came into existence.’ It didn’t say don’t work for your food.

If someone is depending everything to God that means that person is not self disciplined enough to be self supporting. There is nothing wrong in believing or saying, ‘Somehow God will help me out of all my problems and difficulties’, but have you done everything within your ability before surrendering to God?

Everywhere in the world, what people are trying to do is to use God. They think they can tell God what to do. You know, I am sure you have heard people saying, ‘God please help me to have this’ or ‘God I want to have that’. Do you think you can tell God what to do?

I hear people say it is just a prayer and there is nothing wrong in it. Yes, there is nothing wrong in it, but do you think God is so weak that you have to tell God what’s in your heart? If God don’t know what’s in your heart and you have to tell God about it, than that God must be a weak God; so much for the name Almighty.

I believe there is no need for us to expect anything from God for God knows everything that’s going on inside us. I believe what we need to do is to become a self responsible individual and start doing everything we can to take care of ourselves and let go the rest to God. After all, isn’t HE the Almighty? I am sure God knows how to respond to responsible people.

I am not at all suggesting we should not ask God for something, but I am saying, we need to recognize the power of God and also recognize the need for being self responsible individual in life. Ask for help if you have to ask, but before you ask, have you done everything you can possibly do? Now that’s what we need to think about.

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