Accept Your Mistakes And Change Yourself

Accept Your Mistakes And Change Yourself

It’s so easy to say that we have created all the difficulties in our life by our own choices, but that’s the truth, whatever we are experiencing in life, both the good and the bad, is the result of our past choices and decisions. For most, the realization that they are the cause of their own problems will not come until they hit bottom, until they have been hit so hard in life and they start to think, ‘Oh boy, I sure have taken some wrong choices – I am not going to do something wrong again’.

Is it possible to take your life, when you have got it all bent and out of shape and make it somewhat decent? How do you reverse some of the bad choices you’ve made in the past? How do you change the mistakes you have done in the past? My own experience says we can’t pretty much do anything about it except to accept the reality of the truth that we have made some mistakes and be willing to face the outcome or consequences of the mistakes at no cost and make sure we don’t make similar mistakes again.

That means you have decided to accept yourself as the cause of what you experience in life and are now willing to change and take a new direction in life positively. When you decide to change, your life changes too. We change ourselves without regretting about the mistakes we made in the past. We don’t regret because we know regretting cannot change the mistake. We just accept and face the reality and move on with life.

I know a lot of people who will disagree with this and will say that we do have to regret about our mistakes. The point I am making is repent but don’t linger on it. Life must grow. There is no point to regret if you don’t change yourself. I also know a lot of people who are in pain because they are lingering on with their regrets. You are responsible for that pain too. Regrets can kill. Some people regret to the extend they take their own life away by committing suicide.

The problem is they were unable to deal with their own guilt. Regrets can bring guilty feelings. If you feel guilty, know that you made the mistake because you were only capable of doing that at that time.

If you were capable, you would not have made the mistake in the first place, but now you are ready. You have learned your lesson. Now you know better the consequences of such mistakes. That was the lesson in it – to teach you what it will be like to make such mistakes.

You learn your lessons; you accept your mistakes and change yourself by deciding you are not going to make that mistake anymore. This is how it should be. There are so much of things to do in life. Lingering to your past cannot do you any good. You got to stand up and start living your life now because it is now that all you have got. Don’t waste it.

3 thoughts on “Accept Your Mistakes And Change Yourself

  1. maybe we shouldnt even THINK about this problem. it may not be a problem, it is just the way life has to be. bite the bullet and move on maybe easier than wondering what could have been done.

    maybe there wasn’t anything wrong, maybe there isnt anything can be done either.

    so i think we just dont think too much, move on.

  2. Hi Aeroplane1234,

    I can agree with that. Sometimes It’s just good not to think too much and move on. After all, life is always on the go. We have to move with it too.

  3. Yup! But it’s very hard to distinguish which is right and wrong unless we have a mentor who is success. Some people say it’s right and others say wrong. No one know which is right or wrong.

    Only a mentor know whether you are on track or not.

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