About Life: What Is The Purpose Of Life (Part 3)

About Life: What Is The Purpose Of Life (Part 3)

If life is just a constant dynamic movement of atoms among atoms and we are just one part of it; it will appear as if life has no specific meaning to it at all. After all it’s just a random series of experiences of atomic reactions. Is life just a random walk?

Is there meaning or no meaning to life? Well, everyone gives their own meaning and it is according to their level of consciousness or awareness just like what I am doing now. This levels or variations in understanding are determined by how much we have experienced life as a whole. Each experiences in life gives us some amount of understandings (knowledge and wisdom) about life; both from all of our past life and this life.

The more we experience, the more we discover life’s mystery. It’s a step by step process.

Thus, at this level of my understanding, I can only say that the purpose of life is to gain experience. You are here to gain some sort of life experience and to learn something about life itself. Otherwise why should you be born here? There must be a specific reason. I mean why here on earth and not on other planets as different beings or in different planes such as the parallel worlds? No, that’s not overstating. It is a living fact that other forms of beings exist in some of the other planets in our solar system. You can prove this to yourself by learning the science of soul travel and visit these planets and see for your self. This is not some sort of illusion but this is the exact science the great saints of the world has been trying to teach us – the art of leaving the body at will. All the great saints were able to do this and that is how they knew what were happening in heaven.

Thus, the first question you should ask yourself is ‘If I am going to die, is there a way to consciously survive the death?’ I mean, nobody knows where they are going unless they we able to go there and see it. Well at least the transition will be less painful or less fearful but does such a thing exist? Does life after death exist? How do we prove this to ourself? So the saints have told us that we are soul. Am I really a soul? How do I know I am a soul? If I am a soul why am I in this body now? From my point of view, these are the more important questions one should be asking instead of what is the meaning of life or what is life for the meaning will reveal itself once you can bring yourself to the other side and see what’s happening there.

That’s why the ancient masters have asked us to go within ourself, it’s about meeting ourself, for all truths are already in us. When you discover your true identity, which is soul of course, you will have the ability to know all things. This is the ability of soul hence the meaning of ‘Man is made in the image of God’. The substances (properties; what soul is made of) of soul is exactly the same as God itself. You are the exact replica and have all the qualities of God power but you are not God. You only have such powers. In the end you will discover you came out of God as manifested atoms that’s all. This is what I believe.

If that’s the case, how do I realize that I am a soul? Oh my, another question? Well, that’s how it is when you have taken the step to discover the mysteries of life. Questions after questions will come after you. That is the nature of the mind. When it does not understand something, it will query.

Questioning is good and it can lead you to find certain answers, but these answers will not satisfy you. The only thing that is going to make your mind rest in peace is your personal experience.

Yes, personal life experience and the easiest way to discover that you are a soul and not this body is through the practice of moving out of your body and look at it and prove it to yourself. That’s how you answer that question. Some people call this astral projections and there are a lot of people out there who can give testimonial on this willingly.

When you learn this science of soul travel, you are not only going to discover who you are, you are also going to discover the answers to life after death.

With this ability, you can travel and move into various planes of existence such as the spirit worlds and observe what is taking place there. This is not a dangerous practice as some may be telling you, it is actually a natural process. You just need to know what it is all about and how to go about doing it. There are a number of teachings out there who teaches about this science but basically they are teaching astral projections but here, I am talking about soul travel. Just search for the keyword soul travel and browse around you cant find some of these teachings which teaches you soul travel. One fine teachings that I know which can help you to discover yourself as soul and understand what life is all about is Eckankar.

How does this helps in our understand of what life is or finding the purpose of life? First it will prove to you that you are more than a body, that you are soul, and this physical life inst the only life there is in the universes of God, and as you go on, you will learn how this universes are actually made up which answers what is life, and if you can move higher up within these dimensions, you will end up meeting your own creator, where you will find out your own purpose of what to do with your life but for now, your purpose is to find a way to consciously pass through the gate of death. Whatever you have (the riches) cannot do that for you. You have to do it yourself and perhaps with the assistants of someone who knows the way. So first you need to find a master who can show you the way, second you practice this ways, and prove to yourself all the things I mentioned so far and with that experiences determine what is life and its purpose for yourself.

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