About Life: What Is Life (Part 2)

About Life: What Is Life (Part 2)

What is life anyway? Ask anyone and they will come up with all kind of definitions. In fact, if you do a quick search on Google about what is life, you can find a whole bunch of definitions for it. The question is, what is life for you? What does it means to you? Is the way you define life is true? How true is it? What makes it true? Why do you believe it is the only truth? Can there be more to life than what I believe? Ever thought of these questions? Think of that awhile. If you ask me, everything and everybody is life including all things seen and unseen, alive or inert, from the highest heaven down to this earth, manifested or not manifested, imagined or unimagined. There just isn’t a place where life doesn’t exist for me.

There is a wonderful word in Tamil (South Indian language) that explains this concept clearly. The word is called Anubavam. It means experience. It is actually a combination of two words. Anu and Bavam. Anu means atoms and Bavam means movements. So the true meaning of Anubavam means, movements of atoms. This is life for me; movements of atoms among itself. The action and reaction of atoms among atoms creates life as well as what we call life experiences. Even those things unseen, are made up of atoms. Name a place where atoms don’t exist? I believe, even in space there are atoms. It might appear there is nothing there but there is something there. They are known as subtle atoms. Basically looking from this side of the door, life appears to be nothing but multitudes of atoms combining and reacting upon one another making forms and formless forms.

If you don’t know yet even cells are made up of atoms. So the basis of life is not cells as most life science researchers says. It is atoms that makes life forms, for even cells cannot exist if the atoms did not come together to make the cells unless of course if you think life is only something that is not inert but science have proved that even those things that looks inert are actually in a constant state of vibrations. If you go inside an atom, you will find energy (electricity) in motion which makes the atom to come into manifestation. So there is actually more to these atoms too. There’s life to these atoms. Some people call this the life of life. It is what makes these atoms to exist and function they way they do. These life of life is also known as the God force. I believe this is what they call as Allah, Holy Spirit, Paramatma, Eck or whatever other name that exist to explain it.

Some of these atoms must have taken zillions of years and multitudes of transformations or translation from one form of energy to another to have reached this level of becoming human beings. Now, that is hypothetical for at the moment for me. I am still researching on that but at the moment, I believe I have come this far through many many lifetimes to take up this form. Including taking up many other types of bodies. Like I said, I am going to leave it to you to decide on this, this is my point of view, and it doesn’t really matter if you accept this idea or not because what matters really matters now, is you exist. That is what really really matters. That’s the big thing. That’s the big deal of all for if not because you are conscious and alive, there wont even these questions. What are you going to do with your life? That should be the biggest question.

Look at it this way, you already exist, and there is nothing you can do about it to make yourself not to exist this way accept if you somehow find a way to make your atomic structures to disintegrate and take another form which is possible of course and through simple life observation, it is a living fact that sooner or later everyone will die. So what is the point of seeking what is life or where from life came, if pretty soon you are going to die anyway? I mean, the current average life expectancy or life span of an average individual is about 75 years. The question is, ‘Are you going to waste your life in philosophical hypothesis or do something about it?’ Perhaps, this is the reason why Jesus said, ‘seek ye, the kingdom of heaven first and all shall be added unto thee’. That’s what I asked myself. ‘So what should I do?’ There, that’s another question and a problem to solve. What can you do?

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