About Life: The First Thing You Need To Do (Part 1)

About Life: The First Thing You Need To Do (Part 1)

I know there are a lot of people who want to know what is all about such as what is life, the meaning of life and the purpose of life. Quite frankly, there are just too many theories about life and meaning of life out there that people don’t know which to believe anymore. Yet, for those who are serious in discovering the truth about life, it can be done if they are willing to do some research.

This article about life, the meaning of life and the purpose of life is based on my own real life experiences and beliefs. It will not tell you what is the meaning of life and attempt to make you follow these meanings, rather this article will show you what life means for me personally, and hopefully with that, you will be able to find your own meaning and understanding to what life is all about but first here is a food for thought, ‘the key to discovering the secret about life relies in letting go of preconceived ideas we have about life or what is life’. These ideas are something we believe without real life experience in it.

I am talking about false ideas we carry about something that we don’t know. Mostly, it is fed to us through the religion that we were brought up with. It has been fed to us again and again that many have accepted it subconsciously to be the only truth without analyzing or asking why it has to be so and so. Thus, it is very important to have a mind that can move swiftly from one idea to another idea, always dynamic and willing to explore new concepts, reevaluating it again and again to find further understanding on it. Why do we need this to understand about life? Like I said, it allows for further discovery. If you want to know about life, you need to be like a scientist. When scientists realize there is a possibility for something, they are quick to research on that and move on.

I other word, being open minded about anything. Think about it for a moment. If not for such openness in thinking and capacity to reevaluate, do you think we can see all the discoveries discovered in this world so far? So from now onward be a researcher of your own and have an open mind towards everything around you and see for the first time how new way of looking at things can reveal the secret about life. I know, nobody likes to be told what to do, but always remember, anything is possible. It’s all in your mind and what is controlling your mind. Don’t lock yourself thinking you have found the ultimate answer, for the answer to life is never ending. I am saying this because, just when we thought we have discovered something and that’s the answer to everything, we will learn that there is just more to it than what we thought.

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