A Good Advice For Life

A Good Advice For Life

Anyone who have had enough of sufferings in life and have learned valuable lessons from these experiences can often give very good advice for life. It doesn’t really matter what’s stage in life they are, whether they are married, not married, young or old. What’s more important are the lessons they have learned.

In fact, it is not hard to find these people who have been exposed to sharp angularities of life. If you will just look around, you can find one or two of them just around the corner, but for the most part, they are often silent about many of their experiences. You can know them from the way they talk about their experiences. Often the experiences will be full of good advice for life that can elevate and inspire you.

Are you looking for a good advice for life? Then find these people who have experienced life enough. Some of them have gone to the level of writing them and sharing them to the world. There are definitely some good books on advice for life at the bookstores, but let me tell you, there is nothing like talking to someone in person compared to reading, but when you meet them, listen to them, contemplate and figure out whether or not the advices are true and if you can apply it in your own life.

That is the most important advice for life you are getting: to listen, contemplate and figure out on your own of what is good for you and what is not good for you by evaluating other people’s life experiences. Yet, people are so full of opinions. It is the nature of human beings to judge everything. It is not wrong to evaluate an opinion but if you let your own idea of how things should be to interfere in your judgment, you might be risking yourself from seeing the true message that’s being given to you.

It doesn’t matter who is giving the advice. If you want to identify a good advice for life, you have to be optimistic about it. You have to learn to listen and see those experiences they are trying to convey to you. What are they trying to tell you? Think about that and penetrate deep into the words given by them. Each word carries some images from their own mind. If you want to understand them you need to see those images in their mind. It may not be what you presume. What are these people seeing within them? That’s what you should be thinking.

On the other hand, a good advice for life that I can give from my own experience and from what I have learned talking to a wide range of people from all walks of life, I have discovered that the most and I really do mean ‘the most’ important thing to figure out in life is ‘to find out what is really important and of any value in life’. Think about it. If you are going to spend the rest of your life doing something which in end you are going to loose, of what use is it? This is how most people are living their life. They are struggling for something that doesn’t last i.e. monetary securities, relationship securities, and job securities etc. Tell me what is really secured in this dynamically changing life?

I am not condemning seeking material securities, but I am asking why not think of them as secondary issue and give a deep thought to what is of prime importance in life. You, me or anyone else for that matter, are going to rest in peace somewhere in this world sooner or later. It can happen anytime but are we prepared for it? Have we even tried or done something about it? What will you do if suddenly you are now on your deathbed? Do you think you might have lived your life to the fullest? So, it comes back to the basic – appreciating this moment in life that we have. This moment in life, are we living life as we should be?

That’s what we should figure out in life. How are we going to live our life to the fullest in this moment doing what really matters? In my own reflection, this is what we should do: we live our life doing what is necessary for our survival while we are living in this world, at the same time, we find out how we are going to live in the life hereafter and prepare our self for it. The difference between the ordinary people and me is that they only look into survival here in this world, but I look into survival in the both worlds – here as well as life hereafter.

Have you ever thought about all this in your life? If you have never, that is the reason I am writing this important advice for life so you can think about it. So think about it. All the enjoyments, all the struggles, all the worries, all the miseries you go through in life for the sake of achieving something material that doesn’t last, are they worth it? The truth is, there is neither good or bad in it as they are just part of experiences one have to go through living in this world but do you also know, they are in your life because you choose to have them? These painful experiences exist because we let them exist in life because of our own wrong seeking in life.

Let me put it in a nutshell. All the things in our life, we have brought ourselves to it. We don’t reject or neglect them, we accept and face them as they come, but always, at all time, we should never forget to find out of how we can prepare ourselves for the next life and prepare ourself to it. Well, that’s really from my own personal point of view. I feel strongly about it. Hope you really can see how importance is this advice for life. If you feel the same, don’t hesitate to share it.

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