25 Reasons To Do MLM Business

25 Reasons To Do MLM Business

There are many reasons why you should start and do MLM Business. Here are 25 reasons why you should get involved in MLM business:

1. Your Own Business: When you join any MLM program, you are not joining as an employee. You don’t have a salary. You don’t have a boss who tells you what to do. You become self dependent. You are the boss, the owner and everything. Remember, you are joining as an independent distributor. This is your own independent business. You can choose, decide and operate the business the way you want it. Nobody is going to tell you what to do.

2. Can Be Done Part Time:
One of the greatest things about this business is that you can do it part time while still doing your ordinary job. You don’t need to quit your job. It is advisable to maintain your job and do it part time as this will double your stream of income. Once you can see some income before getting into it full time. Unless of course you have financial back up to back you up the first few months of running this business in the beginning.

3. Fast Return on Investment (ROI):
Since MLM is your own business; the return on your initial investment that you made can be earned back as quickly as you build your business. Many income earning opportunities are available in MLM. If you sell your products, you earn immediate retail profits. If you sponsor someone, you earn fast start bonuses. It is really in your hand how fast you want to make money with MLM.

4. Easy to Understand and Operate:
Unlike many conventional businesses with complex and complicating business rules, MLM is a business that is very easy to understand and operate. You just need to understand how MLM works and do it. The key is in sales and building a network of people doing the same thing under you.

5. Choose Your Partner: MLM business requires your recruit others to build your business. Since this is your business, you can actually choose who you want to partner with to build your business. Smart business people will choose their business partners. Imagine having someone who has a burning desire to change his life in your business compared to someone who don’t.

6. Low Start up Cost: You don’t need thousands of dollars to start your MLM business. Usually there are two ways to join any MLM business. (A) Join as an ordinary member and build your way to the top or (B) you can start with a fast start option which gives additional edge in starting this business. The investments can be as low as only few hundred dollars.

7. Low Operating Cost: This business does not require a high operating cost. You don’t need to rent a office. You can do it from the comfort of your home. Your operating cost is determined by your marketing strategy that brings you sales and opportunity to share your business with others. Once you have duplicated and build a strong team, your expenses will be only in meeting and helping them grow more.

8. No Employee to Pay: In this business, you don’t need to hire people to work for your. In fact in MLM you are not working for your MLM business; what you are doing is to get the MLM business work for you. Yes, you need to sponsor people, but they are not your employees. They are your business partners who will help you grow your business. Help them grow theirs and you will see yours grow.

9. No Inventory to Keep: You do need to buy and keep samples of products but that just a few samples to show your customers or prospects. You don’t need to buy a large quantity of stocks. That inventory of products is done for you by your MLM Company.

10. True, Legal and Viable:
MLM companies are required to have direct selling license. Thus this business is a legal and legitimate business. MLM business is not a scam business that just sells dream. MLM business provides a way to achieve your dream to its compensation plan. It’s in your hand how you do it to achieve it.

11. Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme: It takes time to build any business. Same goes for MLM business. Not everyone will join MLM business. You need to develop and build your business and that takes time. Yes, you can be rich doing MLM but only after your build your business. This is a ‘get rich according to your effort’ business. It is a business where you determine your success according to your own effort.

12. Small but Big Business: MLM business is often referred as small business but this opinion is not true. MLM is a big business. It is an international business. This industry generates revenue of more than 100 billion USD every year. You are in a big billion dollar business. You are just operating it small but you are part of a huge industry that contributes to the world economy.

13. Financial freedom: MLM business offers an opportunity to achieve financial freedom through its compensation plans. It is an industry that has produced more millionaires than any other business. There is no cap to your income like in employment. You truly have the potential to earn unlimited income because in MLM, you income is proportionate to the size of your team’s sales volume. You don’t have to wait for salary increase. You can determine your income level.

14. Residual Income: This is the only easiest business that can be started that provides opportunity to create high residual income. Do you know what residual income is? It’s like when you own a property and collect rent by renting it out. You are not doing any work but that asset brings in a cash flow. MLM can give you residual income after you have built your network large or deep enough.

15. No Glass Ceiling: we all know about the infamous ‘glass ceiling’ that exist in corporate world. Your gender, race or age can prevent you back in moving up higher in the corporate ladder. In MLM business, your MLM Company doesn’t care about your race, gender or age. It only cares about how you build your business and you will be rewarded to that extend. In MLM, you decide where or which rank you want to be and the positions are always open for achievers.

16. Early retirement: to retire, you need some kind of residual income in place to live for the rest of your life without having to worry about your finance. MLM compensation plans often provide the most lucrative income for high achievers. Once you have created a successful team and leaders, the business can go on itself even if you are not there to support. You will still earn on going income. You can use this income to re-invest perhaps in real estate where you can create further cash flow or residual income and when all is in place, you can retire early.

17. Help Others Achieve Financial Freedom: You definitely can see so many people struggling to make ends meet. There are just so much of economic insecurities. With low income, most people just do not have enough of to cover basic expenses like housing, healthcare or food. When you do MLM business, you have the opportunity to change other people’s life by sharing this opportunity with them. If they join, you can help them achieve their financial freedom.

18. Get Tax Advantages: In almost all countries in the world MLM is a legal business. There are significant tax advantages due to this. While you declare your income tax, you may want to include your expenses like traveling, phone call bill or internet as these can reduce the deductable tax amount. Different country may have different rulings. You may want to get professional advice on this or refer to the relevant government agency.

19. Know More People: MLM business also provides you the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. Some may even become your life long friends. There are just so much to learn from meeting others. Things that you may never even thought about. By getting to know more people and talking to more people, you improve on your communication skills, gain self confidence and improve self-esteem which is important for the success of this business.

20. Benefit of Products: the reason why a MLM company chooses MLM as its way of distributing the product is to ensure the product they made reaches people and it benefits them. Imagine putting a product in a retail shelf competing with other products. It may just get lost in the shelf and the company may loose money even if the product is great. MLM ensures that through word of mouth advertising and recommendation this high quality product reaches end user or those who needs it. You and I have the opportunity to share a wonderful product that will benefit others tremendously.

21. Business That Works: MLM is a proven business that works. Millions of people around the world doing it and are achieving financial freedom. If it doesn’t work, how can it generate revenue over 100 billion USD a year (DSA, 2010). It doesn’t work for those who are lazy and don’t take the responsibility of how to run the business successfully. It does not matter what business you are doing, you must know how to do it otherwise you are doomed to fail. It is the same with MLM. Learn to do it, and do it. If you don’t do it even though how smart you are, you will go nowhere.

22. Anyone Can Do It: Unlike most conventional businesses that requires some kind of specialist skill like sales skill, experiences or higher academic qualification such running a hair saloon, clinic or legal firm; MLM business can be started and operated by anyone regardless of gender, race or education level. It has been proven that even people who are illiterate who can’t read and write have been successful doing this business.

23. Free Business Training: MLM companies are concerned about your success because your success in this business determines their revenues. If fact, your sponsor’s success depends to your success and because of this the MLM companies will provide you with the necessary training and tools for to succeed in this business. Truly successful MLM companies focus on its distributor’s success.

24. Power of Leverage: You can generate income from the effort of others in your team. Many people misunderstand about this part of MLM business. Actually this is not people using people business but people helping people. If you help your team member achieve the financial goals they are aiming, you gain leverage and earn a substantial income for the help you given. I have never seen anyone successful in MLM without helping his/her down line.

25. Total Time Freedom: As for me, this is the most important aspect of this business. Time is short. We can only live as to so many years. If we are going to work for the rest of our life, we will never be able to do all those dream things we want to do. MLM business changes this. Once your business is very successful, you get total time freedom; meaning you no longer have to worry about your business; you can now spend time doing the things you have always wanted to do in life such as in traveling to that place you always want to go or doing that hobby you always wanted to do etc.

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