10 Beauty Tips For All Occasions

10 Beauty Tips For All Occasions

Beauty products are something most women simply cannot do without. Below is a list of beauty basics to help you prioritize what you should have in your makeup bag, purse, tote, or office desk drawer at all times.

With these 10 beauty basics, you can create a multitude of looks for day, work, dinner, or the dance floor.

Best of all, these items can be found in any store, and need not be a burden on your budget. You can keep your gorgeous appearance while still meeting your budget.

1. Mascara

Great mascara can open up your eyes, give you a look of being awakened and alert, and is an easy way to look polished and professional.
Beauty tip: Stick to basic brown or black for work, try a colored mascara to take your look from day to evening!

2. Concealer

Concealer is a must-have for any make up bag! Brighten up dark circles under your eyes, cover up a blemish, or help even out some ruddiness in your skin tone.
Beauty tips: Many beauty lines now have a variety of shades of concealers in one compact, and this can be great to have different options.

3. Eye brightener

Find a product that has a yellow tint (sounds odd, but wait until you try it) and apply to eyelids if they are dark and dot and blend in the very inner corner of your eyes to look five years younger.
Beauty tip: Eye brighteners can double as a base to apply eye shadow.

4. Eyeliner

A great eyeliner can accent your eyes in a number of ways and make your eyes “pop”, help you look more polished. There are now liquid liners in the market that makes it easy to apply and create a nice, even line.
Beauty tip: You can line your eyes and smudge it to give look of eye shadow, or leave the line defined for a more polished look.

5. Lip liner

A perfect lip liner should not show but enhance the shape of your lip. When you utilize lip liner, you will find your lipstick wears longer and the lipgloss does not “feather”. Typically a neutral color will do the trick with almost any skin tone.
Beauty tip: Use a neutral lip liner on your bottom lip and a bit of your eye brightener to accent the bow of your top lip, making your lips look fuller.

6. Lip gloss

A lip gloss can be worn in a variety of ways. Wear it to moisturize your lips and for a light daytime look. Wear it with liner for a light glow to your lips. Layer it over your lipstick to lighten it up.
Beauty tip: Dot a bit of your favorite lip gloss in the middle of your bottom lip, after applying lipstick to make your lips look fuller.

7. One “Signature” lipstick

Find one color that works for you perfectly. Having a signature color helps you to always have the right look for any occasion.
Beauty tip: Neutral shades are more popular and typically easier for women with a variety of skin tones.

8. Powder

Many women use mineral powders for foundation-style coverage, and easier to use for sensitive skin. Carrying compact powder can eliminate shine throughout the day, give you a nice, matte finish, and extend the coverage of your mineral powder or foundation.
Beauty tip: Your powder can provide light daytime coverage for your skin.

9. Bronzer powder or cream

A great bronzer gives a nice sun-kissed glow to the skin, and makes it look healthy and natural without any potential skin damage.
Beauty tip: Apply bronzer with a light hand! Cream bronzers often give the most natural appearance as they are easier to apply and control.

10. Tweezers

You should have a great pair of tweezers. A nicely groomed brow can make an incredible different to your appearance.
Beauty tip: Tweeze in daylight, often the lights in the bathrooms or powder rooms are not sufficient to catch the potential stray hairs you see in the “light of day”!

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. – John Ray

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