How To Achieve Your Goals Faster ?>

How To Achieve Your Goals Faster

Do you know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line? Let’s say you live in Singapore and you want to go to New York, USA. Which way will be the most direct and fastest way? Surely, you will say by taking the direct flight there from Singapore. Why not drive through Thailand, Myanmar all the way to Europe and take a ferry from there? Yes, though it will be adventurous because you can see a lot…

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Beauty Products That You Can Find In Your Kitchen (Natural Treatment & Cure) ?>

Beauty Products That You Can Find In Your Kitchen (Natural Treatment & Cure)

1. Open / Large Pores Sugar is an astringent and helps close pores. Mix a little sugar in water and apply it zits for a quick remedy. Sugar can also be mixed with a cleanser to be used as a scrub to maintain youthful-looking skin. 2. Dark Circles Instead of applying eye cream to combat panda eyes, mix lemon and tomato juice and dab the mixture around the eyes and look fresh instantly.

Why People Commit Adultery ?>

Why People Commit Adultery

There are many reasons why people commit adultery. Whatever the reason given to commit adultery, people who commit adultery can be termed irresponsible or immature. People who know how to differentiate between what is right and wrong and who is responsible, will not commit adultery. Whether you are lonely at home because your spouse spends less time with you or you have communication problem with your spouse, these problems should not be an excuse for adultery.

Basics of Burns – Types, Symptoms and Treatments ?>

Basics of Burns – Types, Symptoms and Treatments

A burn occurs when there is an injury to the body tissues due to heat, chemicals, electricity and even sunlight. A burn caused by hot liquid or steam is termed a scald. Classifications of burns Burns are classified according to their severity. – First-degree burn: affects only the outermost layer of skin (epidermis). – Second-degree burn: affects the layer of skin beneath the epidermis (dermis). – Third-degree burn: affects all layers of the skin and the tissue underneath. Symptoms of…

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Home Remedy to Prevent Hair Loss ?>

Home Remedy to Prevent Hair Loss

OMG!!…I am losing much of hair every time wash my hair or comb my hair. Is that something wrong with my body or it that the product that I have used. We made all this assumptions in our head to know why. We also must have spend so much money and tried so many products to overcome the problem. End of the day, all we get is frustration, anger and worry because nothing really seems to work. Today, I am…

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Control Your Desires ?>

Control Your Desires

Some people say, ‘desire is the root cause of all evil’. Well, that statement is not quite true. It should be ‘uncontrolled desire is the root cause of all evil’. If you reflect long and deep enough on this statement, you will realize that most of our problems in life are caused by our uncontrolled desires. More aptly, you can say ‘lust’. What does it mean to desire? It means to want something. There is nothing wrong to have desire…

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Absenteeism In The Workplace ?>

Absenteeism In The Workplace

Employees seldom cares about their absenteeism because it cost them nothing. The worst it can cost them is their job but for the employer or the organization the employee is attached with: it means problems or loss of money. Every year many organizations are paying a high price for absenteeism. The major cost often comes from the fact that the organization that is facing high level of absenteeism have to quickly hire a replacement employee and train them. Quick replacement…

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Spiritual Dreams ?>

Spiritual Dreams

I had a dream last night. In the dream I was outside somewhere waiting for someone. I was waiting for someone who will never come. While waiting, I asked myself anxiously, “what am I doing?” and than suddenly, I hear a voice speaking. It was as if I was speaking to myself, and yet it was someone else’s voice. It said, “If you wait for the sky to come down, it will never come”, and I woke up at that…

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First Aid For Poisoning ?>

First Aid For Poisoning

First aid for poisoning differs according to the person’s state of consciousness and the type of poison taken. But in all cases, after aid has been given: 1. Take the person to Emergency Department of the nearest hospital. Put him in the recovery position in the back seat of the car. 2. Get someone to phone ahead to the hospital to inform that a poisoning is on the way. Also tell what/how much/how long ago the poison was taken, if…

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Feminine Hygiene Tips ?>

Feminine Hygiene Tips

Did you know that the vagina is in fact a self-cleansing organ? There are glands inside it that produce secretions (or discharge) to keep it moist. These secretions range from clear to milky depending on your monthly hormonal cycle and are usually thicker during ovulation (when an egg is released). They do not normally produce a bad odor. It is important to known that these secretions help maintain a natural pH balance that keeps the vagina acidic, thus preventing the…

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What Is Love? ?>

What Is Love?

What is love? I long to express love in words, try as I may words fails me. What I saw and what I heard belongs not to this world. Who will believe If I declare love is beyond feeling?

How To Be More Spiritual ?>

How To Be More Spiritual

Most people will agree that being spiritual is a matter of choice that we can choose to be spiritual or not. This is true from an ordinary perspective. Yet, there is more to spirituality. The truth is, to be or not to be spiritual is not a matter of choice. How can we choose or decide to be or not to be spiritual when we are all spiritual beings? The question on how to be spiritual arises due to lack…

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